Friday, June 22, 2001

I've been digging through the past lately and dredged up another photo that well, you see for yourself, man I look like I was gonna grow up gay. I'm not sure if my unique style was a knock off of "Chachi" from "Happy Days" & "Joannie Loves Chachi" or if I was auditioning for Jodie Fosters role in the gay remake of Taxi Driver

Gearing up for Chicago Pride...wish I felt more excited, I'm broke, a bit harried and have a ton of things I want to get done before the boyfriend comes in town next week. I have to go though - if for no other reason then it's my buddy Dan's birthday and I would never let him down. It's embarrassing to admit I'm also a little sucker-paw (my best friend Patrick's word for 'sad') that I'm off partying for a while. You get that sudden pang of fear that you won't have "as good" a time as everyone else, or that your friends will be in a different place then you (INSERT HERE: friends dreamy gaze, caressing hand and "Wow isn't this GREAT, isn't this SPACE/DJ/CROWD BEAUTIFUL" and me staring blankly going "Oh, um, yeah sure" then politely turn friend - who is facing the wall - around towards the dance floor).
Oh well - I'm wearing my big boy pants this weekend and will have as much fun as I can.