Wednesday, October 13, 2004

So two friends and myself treked down to Tempe Town Lake to the Democrat - slash - third debate rally. What a nightmare. I mean, tell us up front if what you mean by "print your tickets online" means - when you show up, thanks for the head count, but sorry we're still letting people in with mystery tickets that the rest of us Democrats couldn't figure out where they got them.

Packed up the boys and went back to mi casa, where through the glory of Tivo we were able to order pizza, grab beer and still watch the debate (and take piss breaks when we wanted to).

Kerry did good.

Yeah Bush was more confident and threw down the gauntlet, but here's the simpliest way to put it - he's merely doing a good job repeating a speech writers words about his flailing, self-rewarding, world-ignoring, ignorance thru confidence and truth thru repitition; repeat after me "W" - just because you repeat it, doesn't make it TRUE.

Would I prefer that Kerry say yes to gay marriage sure, but let's be real, his answer on the question of gay marriage evoked more willingness to see us as equals then "The Burning Bush". Was it dirty politics to bring up that Cheney's daughter is a lesbian, well only if ya think that the word "lesbian" is a dirty word in the first place - she is, isn't she.

I'm voting next Monday out of fear that my flight back from Australia lands me on ABC's show "LOST" - which I have to admit I'm pretty addicted to. So I'll be done, I'll have voted for my country - though it stings a little to know that it's well suspected that my state will stay "red" and our electoral votes and Mrs. John McCain (looking every bit Alexis Carrington in the front row tonight) are already stuffed in the corner of George's chuckling cheeks.