Friday, November 09, 2001

thanks Bill!
  • Choire gets how many hits a week???? It's the web cams!!!! Now we know how cute he and Philo are. I think the boyfriend would be a little concerned if I got a web cam.
  • I do not feel pretty when I'm hung over, but damn I just love to be bought drinks!
  • There seems to be some prerequisite that Arizona morning newscasters must be "blond", "perky" and "vanilla"
  • Thanks to Durran for the link!
  • I'm quite certain - though they are kinda cute - that our roommates cats are stalking me.
  • Actually you two, I thought the new NOLA living arrangements were more like this.
  • uh dear, sweet 8LDJ, did you have any say in this?
  • No more cookies and candy. I have to start doing cardio again soon....sigh.
  • Hmmmm, the thought of chasing you around with a plastic speedtrack piece - threatening to smack your ass......nope not laughing, yep, oh yes, much different type of smile on my face.
  • Am I a super model or what?
  • Favorite recent search phrase that pulled up my site: "Old Homo's".....'nuf said.

Thursday, November 08, 2001

"Being unemployed means throwing all your student loan statements in a box with the rest of your unpaid bills, and coming to the conclusion that if your really expensive education were worth all that you wouldn't be unemployed." spoken by IML's sexy teen spokesmodel

Dude - I know your pain, my 6 months of forebearance ("Oh sure 6 months will be enough, I'll find a new job in a month or two" - statement made over 4 months ago to my student loan issuer). Actually got my first credit card calls the other day too - first month late so their very chipper and actually feel bad about me being laid off in these tough economic times - let's see how they feel if I pushed it another month.

In recognition of Jonno's unemployment and a growing number of my friends (it's really hard to be as supportive once they too are feeling the crunch), I give you the "Signs You Are UnderEmployed":

  • When people say - "Hey, it's great you found a job", you respond "Yeah, but does this name tag make me look fat"
  • On future job applications you list your "current" job as "JUGGLER" since the underemployment position enables you to pay bills, but only by throwing several in the air at one time and then paying which ever one doesn't hit the ground.
  • You envy all the cash your friends who are sexy bartenders are making accompanied by vulgar sexual propositions and phone numbers. And then wonder if your actually more envious of the "cash" or the "vulgar sexual propositions".
  • The ranking superior your running faxes for makes $40K less then you were pulling in 5 months ago.
  • Starbucks Cafe Latte Skinny on Ice is for executives/bourgeois/hollywood starlets/the Bush Twins, I'll have the Dunkin Donuts Regular Blend, please.
  • No more Blockbuster Movie Rentals and "kitty"-vision at 3pm on a Tuesday.
  • Time to masturbate only once a day.
  • You rethink applying for a House Boy job in P-Town, Fire Island, Sagatuck (Hey - I know it's out of season, but let's face it I'm a little long in the tooth to be called a boy anyway)
  • You still have enough unused active mental energy to make lists like this.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

I'm sure as a grown man I should be slightly embarrassed by this, but the Buffy Musical just ROCKED. Of course, it meant I had to tape the Simpsons and then race down stairs to catch the beginning of 24. Damn, I am my own growing sense of being uncool...time was I would have been at a bar shooting pool yucking it up - but now I'm a tv freak. oh well.
D'Backs parade is today. I really wanted to go, but people started showing up at 9pm last night to get in the stadium, and by 7am this morning the streets were filling up - 100's of thousands are expected. I am my own sense of fearing large, overly excitable crowds of people.

PS - I got the job (not the big deal one, but the one that at least will pay some of my bills til I get back to my career)

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

ok, ok, I'm grumpy in my 30's (early 30's ya know)....Seraphin explained her literary phobia's - mine usually were for any novel written by a sister from the Bronte clan.
I'm being bagged on by someone whose signature colors are bashful and blush - sweetheart, I assure you I don't want teenage girls reading this blog (well that excludes Bill - proof that there is a teenage girl trapped in all of us!) anyway.

Monday, November 05, 2001

Screw the Emmys....We're WORLD CHAMPIONS baby!

Sorry Stud, this series was amazing. You should have watched Roscoes explode when Gonzo hit the winning run. DBacks ROCK!