Friday, November 16, 2001

The diversity of my days lately is oddly dramatic. Yesterday I began my day by tooling around town in a Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible (23 years old with only 28K miles on it - the car, not me - crap! I only wish!) and then end my day with a collection agency calling my boyfriends cell phone for $138 I was 60 days past due to the phone company in Milwaukee. Which is really good considering since my best friends are in San Diego and Los Angeles and boyfriend in Phoenix - my average land line phone bill was around $300 (not including my cell phone bill - ugh! At least I saved alot of $$$ moving)...anyway at least at no time yesterday did I get confused and think I actually was rich.

Here's the rub on the phone bill thing though and something I didn't know - if you owe them $$$ and they can't track you down - do you know they run a query on your most called phone numbers off your bill and they call them instead looking for you - does that seem shady or what?

Oh well - I was an upstanding citizen once.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

alrighty....unfortunately I'm not in front of a computer at work, so my time to blog/email/IM/check job boards....has just been cut down immensely. My BOSS is a really sweet guy. He really seems genuine about having greater things in mind for me beyond Boy Friday (of course tomorrow I have to take his Mercedes Convertible in for emmissions - hey I'm starting over, paying all my dues again, I'm cool with that). At first I felt so devastated after 4 months I was taking a job as an admin, but I have to admit right now the micro-project, fast-paced, variety of it is great - no time for my mind to play the "I Should'a, I Could'a" game. And even if it's just to create a spreadsheet, run and pick up lunch or send some faxes....after 4 months of being nothing to no one (professionally), it sure feels nice to be needed again.