Saturday, November 03, 2001

Is it possible to be running in slow motion while inside the eye of a hurricane?

Images from the past week:

  • Lots of happiness in my heart having my buddy Curt in town. He calms me and makes me feel special.
  • The not so special feeling I had when I went after a 20 something punk who made a 'faggots' slur at my boyfriend and I at a coffee house..."yes" I lost my cool - I was ready to replace the breeders head with a Jack-O-Latern. Breeders be warned - some fags fight!
  • Me and the Boys looking very sexy in the Rough Trade Fire Dept gear...lots of raves on having a hairy chest amongst all those smooth boys.
  • The drool down my chin and 170lbs of "out-cold" body weight that Curt and my boyfriend heaved through the door at 5am on Saturday night/Sunday morning after ingesting 'G' (comment: I didnt BUY it, I didnt KNOW I was consuming it, and we still dont know WHERE it got into my drink)
  • A very frightened boyfriend who does love me more than words can describe and was very, very frightened.
  • An interview. Though for "under"employment - it's a job, I need to work, I feel useless and I've run out of $$$$.
  • Me, sitting by the phone still waiting for the BIG NAME COMPUTER COMPANY to call.
  • $1,300 in work that needs to be done to the car I didnt want to keep but had to keep, because you can't drive a 2000 SUV anymore when you have no job...but a 95 Toyota is only gonna stay healthy for so long.
  • A date. Just a movie (K-PAX, Kevin Spacey is AMAZING, the movie is OK) and a cheap dinner with my boyfriend last night. It was sweet. It was nice.