Friday, August 17, 2001

Finally I get what Jonno has been talking about for months - I am my total sense of uncoolness - very funny, rather heartbreaking

And you thought just Starbucks were popping up everywhere you looked!

Am I the only one whose confused? Doesn't Johnny Cochrane normally "defend" the Shark?? I can't find a damn link for it, but Tuesday morning on CNN, they interviewed Cochrane who has been retained to defend the man who was attacked at the resort and his wife claims wasn't aided by the lifeguards. My thoughts are with the lifeguards - "I'm not going in the water and playing fish bait" - SMART MOVE BOYS, you'll never make the BayWatch auditions without a leg, of course I would be more nervous about waving any of my remaining limbs in front of Cochrane.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Woof, I'm feeling a little wiped out. Need to go swallow a boat load of 5-HTP and get my ass in gear. The wedding was stunning - Les was literally the most beautiful bride I have ever seen (living or in film) and well Mark was pretty damn pretty himself. The boyfriend, myself and another gay couple had a pretty hysterical time confusing the straight, single chicks (Damn those boys dance well - um, but why are they dancing together?)

Lucky and I were more digustingly in love by the end of the weekend. At one point while dancing at Detour (Hamburger Mary's/Kickers Sunday Tea Dance) I just sat on the edge of the dance floor and discreetly watched my boy doing his thing on the dance floor - a hot, buff little vixen came up to strike up conversation and I smiled and informed him I was kinda busy checking out my boyfriend - he turned to me and said "well if he's your boyfriend why aren't you out there dancing with him?" - "Because", I said "Sometimes you just have to take a few steps back to see what ya really got"...not sure he got it, or I was just rolling, but wow, what a moment.

Anyway - todays D-Day B-day - the big 32. I'm gonna go get all the pics from the weekend developed, hit the gym, get some sun, lunch with my folks, Lucky set me up for a massage this afternoon, then dinner and drinks with my boy and then maybe hit Roscoes. Nothing fancy, no fan fare, no hoopla - I MUST be getting older. ;)