Friday, October 08, 2004

dudes...totally decided to get fucked up, bumped up tonight, on the viewing itinerary:

First watch "SAVED"
Second watch "Passion of the Christ"
Third watch "Passion of the Jew - South Park"

I am having a religious moment.

Boy my heads (actually nose) is gonna hurt tommorrow.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

...easier then retyping the whole thing - my weekend-in-a-nutshell:

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Beautiful Maddie and Handsome Steven:

Hey Kids - we'll see if this works, let's just admit it AOL and Microsoft hate each other!

I do also have a work email at AOL, though - "*******"

Friday, October 1st was actually Friday the 13th pour moi - around 6am the dogs were restless due to the construction workers pouring the concrete for the new drive reparations - alas they all tumbled wholeheartedly, into their Daddy's bed for protection from the shadows outside...unfortunately in the middle of the Doggie/love-in, my dog Hope accidently scratched my corneia. A bit blinded, my right-hand man from work EJ took me to a surgical optometrist where I preceded to sit on my not-often-worn-MODO-glasses and break them during the eye exam.

Yikes - did I feel like I was having the worst day or what!

The Doctor felt confident that, though Hope had done one helluva-job on my eye, that there was no "permnanent damage" - I was hiding my broken glasses from him at the time - lol! So EJ takes me to Walgreens to get a prescription to prevent an infection from beginning, unfortunately walking away from me to look at something while I was getting it filled - he didn't seem to realize that I could at this point (with no glasses and a patch to be on my eye) SEE NOTHING. So I stood in the middle of the card aisle looking like the most pathetic "island-of-misfit-toys-reject" you've ever seen. Finally EJ found me and rewarded (?) me with spicy pork rinds munchables of some sort and we waited to get the needed drops.

Well as if the tale of "Les Kurts MIserable" wasn't done yet - we get back to my house where I was to be confined in a dark room for what was to be a fun weeekend - I go to place a contact in my one good eye (though I think many have always suspected I had an "evil eye") forgetting of the SPICY pork-rind munchables from before...

Wham - Bam - Cayenne Pepper eye-ful later....I'm now running with two bad eyes!

What a day!

Anyway, the weekend though painful is coming to a better close (thank you pain-killers) and hopefully I won't have to wear the patch over my eye to get back to work tomorrow. I'm trying the dark house - old eyeglasses thing right now - and watched a lot of great films and docu/mocku-mentaries ("Super Size Me" & "Show Bows").

Look forward to our next dinner and hopefully - gazing into your two sets of beautiful eyes !


Yours - Kurt

PS - I finally have an excuse for typos and bad punctuation - I can't see them to delete them.