Wednesday, March 02, 2005

One of my buddies came to me today and told me a little story about he and a friend getting smeared on a bloggers site and that the guy had posted a picture of them calling them "assholes". I thought that's retarded a blogger wouldn't do that it's so tacky. When I started blogging a few years and over 150,000 hits ago I always wrote in a very personal nature of deeply personal events or of the crazy world that we were living in; sure now and then a naughty escapade or a satirical rant, but stuff that would click with a guy living in Iran or a housewife living in Brisbane.

I've met amazing people by putting myself out there.

Well I found out who the guy was and it's Darin at Darinstuff.

Darin, I'll shoot you and email and let you know I'm talking about you because it's only fair. Blogs are about our lives, but also about how we conduct ourselves. My friends commented on you commenting in a public place - loudly - about someone they knew (honestly, don't know your ex, don't care). They just called you out on it.

Hey I've ripped people on my site before, but never gave names and certainly didn't take photo's. It can very cathartic to vent. I've lived in Arizona since 79, I know an ungodly amount of people - I've done some stupid shit - we all do. But if you think that your gonna be "drumming up business at any of the places on the gay scene" or the straight scene while using your blog to publicly slam people your sadly mistaken. I was an executive in advertising and I have my own business, word-of-mouth is a bitch.

It's easy to get your name trashed in this town - it's big, but very small.

Your probably a good guy who was pissed. It happens.

A great phrase an older and wiser friend taught me:

Brilliant people talk about idea's,
Smart people talk about events,
Small people talk about people.