Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Everything old is just sleeping waiting to be new again, everything new is just one second from becoming old

Give me a sec here - I'm in a real foul fuckin' mood.

My neighbors are taking me to court over my dogs barking.


Mind you I'm not one of those guys who has a rusty old bloodhound tied to a tree who he beats once a weeek - I have two beautiful yellow labs and a gorgeous golden retreiver - my dogs sleep in MY bed, they are not allowed people food, they sit when asked - they wear frigging Burberry collars - and now the old withered up bitch next door whose doing nothing to help the neighborhood appreciate has gotten herself and a couple of cronies to take me to court over my dogs barking.

My dogs bark when they play sure - their playing.

My dogs bark when your in the alley behind my house - their protecting the house.

I frigging park my Audi convertible in my driveway so the dogs can stay in the air-cooled garage when it's too hot (proper use of 'too' - right Tyler - grin)

Just pisses me off. And my operations manager (and friend) seems to be AWOL today which may get his ass fired - but unfortunately since I'm his friend has me more of a nervous wreck right now.

Old things, new things, used things, bruised things...much of it my heart. Found out Friday night - in a drunken stupor - that a friend who I had just been hanging out with the previous weekend, had committed suicide. I liked this kid cute, fun, troublemaker - but never became anything more than bar friends with him primarily and more eriely because the way I met him was HERO's funeral. How strange is life that on the eve of the weekend that I met HERO who ended up taking his life that his friend does the same. I know little of the circumstances 'cept rumors of terminal cancer - which I respect a persons desire to not put themselves through the rigors of cancer treatment. Which then ties in to how nervous I am about getting my own biopsy results tomorrow - with the way things are going lately. Oh, and I have a date with LUCKY tonight - and if anyone has been reading me from the beggining you must be: WOAH.

Every crazy thing seems to spiral and be connected into every crazy thing in my life right now.

WHEW! Did I vent or WHAT!