Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Officially three months in to my state of unemployment, I'm starting to find it hard to smile when people say "Oh, you're gonna find something great - just be patient"...it get's hard to be patient and cheerful after three months of squashed leads and no paycheck. Anyhow - I had to distract myself today and came across this:

My favorite childhood cartoon all about a man who could morph into unimaginable positions - I haven't changed a bit!

Monday, September 24, 2001

OK - I suck. I got caught up in a fun-filled weekend of debauchery - I still owe ya the story. Hmmmmm I wish I had something bright and shiny to wave in front of you and confuse you. Hold it, I do. How 'bout some pics from the AZ Bloggers dinner from Friday night.

Oooh - an angle shot - soooo vogue! From Left: Me, Chris (Encorswish), Bill (Mermaniac) and Matt (Matt)Men selling sex!! From Left: Me, Bill, MattMe and my Boy!Would you leave these men alone with your blog??? From Left: Me, Chris, Bill and Matt