Thursday, January 10, 2002

B4 d- t- k s u f- i o x e++ l c (thanks Ron!)

despite the flattery I'm suffering from "Blogus-Uninspiredus-Meus" (none of those words are true latin by the way, even "pig"-latin which seems something a guy like me would really be into).

Things I could blog about if I had the increased writing stamina (is there a little blue pill for that too - rapidly pushing excited blood cells to my "other" head):

  • the speeding ticket I got today. (yes, one of the cops was hot, yes I so wanted him to push me over the back of the car and make me say I was sorry and beg to get out of the ticket - WHY do i think this way - not sure...)
  • the "weight gain"...collectively 25 lbs since I moved back to AZ, my buddies from Chicago will be in town next week - they're gonna think I've gone "Bear".
  • the gym, no inspiration, going 3 days a week tops - not helping the forementioned.
  • the puppy, she brings us more and more joy everyday.
  • the boyfriend, thinks are amazingly nice, I feel very married and I'm cool with that.
  • the job, accepted the Operations Manager position with Jerry but it's two weeks and we still haven't ironed out the overall salary and commission structure.

Hope everyone has forged into 2002 with their boots on the right feet...