Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Things have been crazy lately.

Last week:

  • Knock-down, drag-out fights with the boyfriend that pushed so far we had to sit down and ask each other if we could make it through this shitty stage (INSERT HERE: Honeymoon over)
  • A great, rather drunken weekend with my boyfriend, Brian, Alex, Dave, Del and others all in tow tramping around Tucson's Gay Pride shirtless, a little awnry and extremely flirtatious - excluding the raise the bar standards of this looker, it was easy to be 'Rock Stars' in Tucson. If any of my friends forwarded the pics to me, I will post them here. (INSERT HERE: My drunken need to grab my dick for every picture)
  • A lot of making up and two-way apologies between the boyfriend and I for allowing my jobless frustrations to come between what should be a long-life filled with happiness. (INSERT HERE: I guess I still have place to live)
  • A solid referral to an unpublished job opportunity with one of the few major computer companies I "haven't" worked for. (INSERT HERE: Request for everyone who reads this blog to cross their fingers, toes, and everything else)
  • Finally finished the free-lance search-engine-optimization/directory submission project I was working on. Now to just get all these other little projects off my plate.
  • Oh yeah....and as I said, something else is in the works, guess what???? (INSERT HERE: How happy I will be to post on my schedule NOT just when Blogger is working)