Friday, December 14, 2001

poor Winona, I mean - I feel your pain - I really can't afford a great party outfit for that long list of Christmas Shin-Digs lining up in front of me starting tonight either.....

Thursday, December 13, 2001

...not sure I ever thought so much of my waking life and vernacular would be centered around the word:


...but oh what a naive, young lad was I...POOP consumes me now - gleefully I call it out from the back patio for all to hear -


Standing clad in only boxers, Arizona State University sweat shirt, bare feet and a bed-head hairstyle only a psychotic killer could call a "coif" at 400am.....Poooooooppppppp, POOP, Poop !!!!!!!!

I love this dog, my boyfriend loves this dog, anyone who lays eyes on this dog - LOVES this dog (and if ever there be a person who doesn't - THEY WILL RUE (or is it "ROO?" THE DAY!)

'nuf said....I need to go think some more about poop.