Thursday, December 27, 2001

...the boyfriend gets back in today so I was up at the crack of dawn cleaning - shit I wasn't shocked I grew up to be a whore - but a "domesticated whore" ??? Plus, last night and this morning I was taping porn for the friend who is watching BABY for us while we are in San Diego for New Years - he gets 2 Falcon International, 2 Falcon and 1 Bel Ami - for all the money I've shelled out on porn in my life I never feel exactly guilty duping.

...leave Saturday for San Diego for 4 days of partying and fun to welcome in the New Year - I need the de-stress time. Decided to accept the job with Jerry as the Operations Manager/Associate ....we'll see what he thinks of what I'm asking, should put me quite a bit over what I was even making as a Director (finally get to travel again and come torture, er - uh, I mean - "visit" some of my favorite Bloggers in their respective cities). I think it's time to say goodbye to corporate life and take an opportunity to run the show more my way (INSERT HERE: Me as Mary Tyler Moore throwing my hat up in the air in the big city...."your gonna make it after alllllllll". )

Let's see if I eat these words before 2003)

....There will be no time to post over the next week so I wish everyone a wonderful New Year (especially Jonno, Blogstalker, Encorswish, Jockohomo, Mermaniac, Dewayne and BJ who gave me much needed advice, humor and dirty comments over the past year - you know which one applies to you - when I needed them). Charlie and Jonno - your warmth singlehandedly helped me survive my cold, lonely days in Milwaukee (sincerely - Thank You)...and I would have never even started down this road if it hadn't been for Bill egging me on in the early days. (Sorry I'm not throwing in links but I'm in a rush).

....Happy 2002 gang!

Monday, December 24, 2001 work - working on a database project for the boss. Got really toasted last night and was invited to what would have been an extremely hot three-way...but I diligently remembered that I'm taken and stopped flirting before I ended up in boyfriend prison.

...things ended up going really well with the boyfriend and I on our Christmas Friday night. He really surprised me by managing to make every gift about something that geniunely interested me...even got a little teary-eyed - I'm just a big sissy sometimes. Yes - we did "it" in front of the dog...luckily she was really enjoying her bone from Three Dog Bakery and just looked the other way - whew - no doggie therapist yet.

...feeling pretty melancholy with the whole holiday starting today and the boyfriend on the other side of the country, I suddenly seem out of sorts "left to my own devices" (did you start humming the Pet Shop Boys tune when you read that or is it just me and my misplaced pop sensiblities?)

BABY is wandering around the office. Already pooped on the carpet and was quite proud.

alrighty just not feeling clever today...I sincerely wish you all a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day - I hope you have someone close with you tonight and feelings of warmth - both inside and out. Cheers!