Thursday, December 27, 2001

...the boyfriend gets back in today so I was up at the crack of dawn cleaning - shit I wasn't shocked I grew up to be a whore - but a "domesticated whore" ??? Plus, last night and this morning I was taping porn for the friend who is watching BABY for us while we are in San Diego for New Years - he gets 2 Falcon International, 2 Falcon and 1 Bel Ami - for all the money I've shelled out on porn in my life I never feel exactly guilty duping.

...leave Saturday for San Diego for 4 days of partying and fun to welcome in the New Year - I need the de-stress time. Decided to accept the job with Jerry as the Operations Manager/Associate ....we'll see what he thinks of what I'm asking, should put me quite a bit over what I was even making as a Director (finally get to travel again and come torture, er - uh, I mean - "visit" some of my favorite Bloggers in their respective cities). I think it's time to say goodbye to corporate life and take an opportunity to run the show more my way (INSERT HERE: Me as Mary Tyler Moore throwing my hat up in the air in the big city...."your gonna make it after alllllllll". )

Let's see if I eat these words before 2003)

....There will be no time to post over the next week so I wish everyone a wonderful New Year (especially Jonno, Blogstalker, Encorswish, Jockohomo, Mermaniac, Dewayne and BJ who gave me much needed advice, humor and dirty comments over the past year - you know which one applies to you - when I needed them). Charlie and Jonno - your warmth singlehandedly helped me survive my cold, lonely days in Milwaukee (sincerely - Thank You)...and I would have never even started down this road if it hadn't been for Bill egging me on in the early days. (Sorry I'm not throwing in links but I'm in a rush).

....Happy 2002 gang!