Friday, June 03, 2005

Ok - kinda sucks, I'm all hyper to write lately and talk about the so many things happening in my world and my Cox cable connection at home is for shit. Has to be the drivers or cable modem - pissing the shit out of me though. So anyway, when I said I was back to writing I meant it...maybe I'll write the files and then just upload the files when I get to work.

I'm in a good space. Given myself til San Diego Pride to be hot as shit - yeah it's a vapid goal compared to cleansing the world of crime (those people who take 14 items in to the 10 item line, or women who flaunt belly-piercings intended to distract from their rolls) or saving an endangered species (you know - like one of the Olsen twins) - but come on I let myself go this past year and I'm finally kicking my ass back into shape. Behave and there will be pictures.

Hate to write when I'm at work, so have a terrific weekend, and if you haven't seen it - please, please, please go see CRASH - it's friggin awesome.