Friday, March 08, 2002

....and the winner of a handjob, blowjob or rimjob of his choice is my furry, porn and Bjork obsessed friend - BJ

Thursday, March 07, 2002

ok - it is quit possible I am a dipshit - why oh why are only my archives since 2002 not working ?

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I haven't changed the formatting of my links, 'cept 2001 to 2002....Ok this is everyones chance to show me how dense I am - all slams will be responded to.

BABY: Look in to my eyes, you are getting sleepy - bring me a biscuit, NO, bring me TWO biscuits, get on all fours - good human

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Leo Horoscope for Today: March 6th, 2002

"Celebrate your special contributions rather than be ashamed of them. What you hold in your hand is really quite special, and shows a side of you that reveals not only your taste, but your complexity. Quit thinking that you don't deserve the joy that is coming your way. The more willing you are to appreciate your uniqueness, the more you can appreciate others. "

Not sure why I find this soooo funny, but I read it after my last post and well, it kinda rubbed me the right way - no pun intended (well - I mean - not completely).

sometimes, the WORLD OF THE BLOG (sounds so ominious - like the idea of Jerry Springer doing a nude scene) is just distracting. Like an itch I promise myself I'm just gonna scratch briefly and then every few seconds I'm scratching at it til I can't remember where the particular itch began and the scratching ended...I used to be this way about jerking off - yes Choire, many, many kittens have died at my proverbial hands - I would be languishing around bored - or home from a drunken night on the town - and I would pop-in a Falcon/Colt/HotHouse/Buckshot porn and start choking Mr. Happy. The itch that just couldn't be scratched enough. I would crawl into bed, or go about my errands, or whatever fit the scenario and then maybe 10 minutes, maybe and hour, I would be yanking my pants down and massaging my member again - lube in one hand, poppers in the other (oh how RETRO!) ...

besides the fact I'm a deviant - why am I writing about this ? because I haven't been feeling the itch much for a couple of months now - almost could care less - and it's spreading .... am I denying the existance of a massive depression hiding inside my button-fly 501's, did I turn some weird sexual corner and not even notice, would I rather have a bumper up my nose and float in the clouds ? a couple of months ago I was "SUPER-CHARGED" - the Energizer Bunny wrote me fan letters, GM wanted to stick me inside their engine (actually that sounds kinda sexy) and my boyfriend never looked at me funny.

The Rocket still lifts off strong and solid, still can shoot to the stars and beyond - but suddenly the pilot just doesn't even feel like flipping on the controls, hitting the propolsion and venturing out in to outer space...

What gives Super Friends ???

Sunday, March 03, 2002 roomate pointed out to me this morning that he (and the trick he brought home last night) found great humor to come home last night at midnight (he was working overtime to have a trick that "early" - just kidding) to find me and Baby curled up watching "Texas Chainsaw Massacre II" by ourselves. Ok - bestow me the honor - "Worst Waste of a Saturday Night" but honestly after an afternoon of Margarita's at Hamburger Mary's, Fresh Baked Kitty at Noahs and then this DREADFUL movie...I wanted me/down time - no matter how it was spent.

The world axis now tilts towards Swiss Cheese.

Probably the most easily, enjoyable part of my weekend actually was hanging with you - buddy.
BTW - check out Scott at gotta love a guy who has a site section titled "PIGGY".