Sunday, March 03, 2002 roomate pointed out to me this morning that he (and the trick he brought home last night) found great humor to come home last night at midnight (he was working overtime to have a trick that "early" - just kidding) to find me and Baby curled up watching "Texas Chainsaw Massacre II" by ourselves. Ok - bestow me the honor - "Worst Waste of a Saturday Night" but honestly after an afternoon of Margarita's at Hamburger Mary's, Fresh Baked Kitty at Noahs and then this DREADFUL movie...I wanted me/down time - no matter how it was spent.

The world axis now tilts towards Swiss Cheese.

Probably the most easily, enjoyable part of my weekend actually was hanging with you - buddy.
BTW - check out Scott at gotta love a guy who has a site section titled "PIGGY".