Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Ok, checking out Jonno's blog and see his reference to taking a gay test and thought "Oh well it's not 830am yet - I can take the test and still hit the gym" (yeah, yeah - my days still aren't tremendously busy and I'm STILL looking for a job...anyone need a slightly rumpled but loveable Director of Marketing/Interactive Strategist??)

So I'm 68% gay...but the typical Gay Male is only 51% gay - WHAT??? So I'm 17% more gay then the average gay guy taking this test - and on the world wide average of 68K respondants I was 29% more gay - UH?

Ok, I like to be an overachiever but have always secretly relished my title as one of those guys you weren't quite sure would punch ya or fuck ya if you hit on him. A couple of my buddies have some name they have created for me, something like the "rough-trade deceiver" - but now the truth is out, I'm not "all man", but a "big girl". ;)

I know it's the sex questions that did me in.

  • First Kiss with a guy: 12
  • Came Out: 16
  • Number of Men I've Slept with: !@#$$ (uh, not telling - I was a horny lil shit before marriage)
  • Group Sex: Yes, please (oops - I mean yeah I tried it)

    Oh well I've lived the lie, I'm moving "gayly" forward - wish me luck.

Monday, July 30, 2001

Damn! I have no energy to rewrite the post I wrote today but since it was basically an artillery of venom against organizations like this, I'll let you get riled up yourself.

Oh - I am in a much, much better mood today thanks to a wonderful weekend with the boyfriend (Sex, Beer, Friends and cathartic talks)

Congrats to Bill/ Mermaniac on his 24 hour Blogging-polloza and inspiration of nudity all over the world!