Friday, May 03, 2002

...since allergies seem to be crushing my head and the social schedule is flexing it's muscle and since the pooch is Irish again (uh, regular - ya know what I mean - PS thanks for the advice Jockhomo ) I'm afraid I don't have much blogging time....going to RENT tonight (ok, I know it's been around forever and I should just running around screamming "ooooooh - I looooooved 'CATS') but we don't do theater much and we're trying to turn over a new leaf - sooooo anyway I got us good seats, we're going on a date - nuf said. Then off to 'LA' (hey - THEY call it that not me) for a quick weekend road trip - maybe I'll catch site of this sweet boy

...and still running late in my updates of frivilous events with dynamic friends - here are pics from AZ Gay Pride 2002:

who says we can't be attracted to woman??
Doug, Lucky & Gordon
Lucky, Curt & Noah - uh, penis check hon?
Me & Lucky
Doug, Mike, Curt, Brooks, Noah, Scott & Lucky (on the ground)

Thursday, May 02, 2002

...crazy week...hellish business trip to Los Angeles and no fun, hopefully back there this weekend for a road trip but the dog (poor BABY) has been sick - shit everywhere and I mean everywhere. Parvo test came back negative - thank god since it turns out our pet insurance was bunk and they weren't underwritten to cover us in AZ - what bullshit (we would have ended up paying upwards of $400 smackers a day for her care for close to seven days)...of course we're still a little baffled what it was allergies? flu? parasite? DT's ?? not sure.
...anyway I'm among the good.