Friday, July 12, 2002

soooo, someone got their "first" tattoo, oooooooh - I'm a bad boy.

Thursday, July 11, 2002 far you've been warned....I now have a cable modem at home which means if i'm'll know.

Thanks to Noah & Nicky for saving me tonight...thank you for turning your head as I cried, and cried, and did I show who I reallly was tonight...did I let it all come forward, or not ??? BIG FUCKING MESS, not so tough am I? Crying, bawling, liike a little girl over my smashed, my broken, heart...

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Today's Horoscope:


Joshua trees, native to the Mojave Desert, are both hardy and delicate. While they may live as long as ten centuries, their flowers blossom just one night each year and can only be pollinated by the Yucca moth. At this moment, Leo, you remind me of a Joshua tree. Very soon, there will be a brief window of opportunity for you to be psychically fertilized, and you will need a specific agent to do the job. If all conditions are right, a blessed awakening will occur. Even if the beauty that sprouts is visible for just a short time, its effects will last for years.

Ok, screw the ice cubes - I guess someone needs to pollinate me, any takers ?
A quick note of CONGRATULATIONS to everyone's favorite unemployed-blogger on his new job.

I still think you should have taking the Head Trainer position at Hooters but that's just so I could see your fuzzy legs in orange satin shorts.

I'm proud of you babe.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Ok - the heat is really, REALLY getting to me.

I'm just becoming (well maybe becoming makes it sound like the beginning stages - when I'm more "Latent") a real bitch (ok, scratch that 'Dick', I hate calling myself a bitch). I have no patience for anything or anyone lately. You would think after all of the hot, dry, sizzling, burn your hand on a door handle, summers I have had in AZ I would be used to this, but compound it with the restless, easily distracted, constantly horny, chronically masturbating, often cranky, unable to complete any project, hand me the bumper, open me a beer - beaaatch, can't fall asleep, but keep oversleeping, attitude I've got going right now - it seems hotter, my back sweater, my balls itchier...

Any one of you big, handsome, sexy boys got an ice-cube they could rub on my ass ?