Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Ok - the heat is really, REALLY getting to me.

I'm just becoming (well maybe becoming makes it sound like the beginning stages - when I'm more "Latent") a real bitch (ok, scratch that 'Dick', I hate calling myself a bitch). I have no patience for anything or anyone lately. You would think after all of the hot, dry, sizzling, burn your hand on a door handle, summers I have had in AZ I would be used to this, but compound it with the restless, easily distracted, constantly horny, chronically masturbating, often cranky, unable to complete any project, hand me the bumper, open me a beer - beaaatch, can't fall asleep, but keep oversleeping, attitude I've got going right now - it seems hotter, my back sweater, my balls itchier...

Any one of you big, handsome, sexy boys got an ice-cube they could rub on my ass ?