Friday, January 21, 2005

I'm a shit - u can say it, go ahead - I'm a shit - I don't write, we don't talk, I don't return calls..ugh.

Everything is as usual - unusual. A frantic, fragile, hectic, happy, bullshit - pace.
I will buy the comapny I work for in now - just 11 months, things there are stressful and a constant reminder I really want to retire young. Broke up with a beautiful, latino boy I had been dating for the past month tonight. All in all it went well - I was a gentleman, I waited til the end of a lovely meal a beautiful restaurant, he seem saddened but gracious. You always feel a bit of a shit though - hey it's not you it's me, you're fantastic any guy would kill for you, I normally am only attracted to serial killers (kidding)- letting some one down that way.

But it was fun to date again - now started to have sex again needs to be resolved - I got it in Australia - but it was lame and it's just not the same if you don't cum.
Hopefully I've moved out of my monk phase. Got a great work-out partner who is whooping my ass so I'm back at the gym after this very strange summer.

Taking one of my boiz to SFO for the weekend for his bday present - if your around look for me, I'm gonna go to Beach Blanket Bablyon and then to the End Up tomorrow night.

Anyway - it's late - or early - or both. I either should sleep or pack or make breakfast - something like that.