Wednesday, November 14, 2001

alrighty....unfortunately I'm not in front of a computer at work, so my time to blog/email/IM/check job boards....has just been cut down immensely. My BOSS is a really sweet guy. He really seems genuine about having greater things in mind for me beyond Boy Friday (of course tomorrow I have to take his Mercedes Convertible in for emmissions - hey I'm starting over, paying all my dues again, I'm cool with that). At first I felt so devastated after 4 months I was taking a job as an admin, but I have to admit right now the micro-project, fast-paced, variety of it is great - no time for my mind to play the "I Should'a, I Could'a" game. And even if it's just to create a spreadsheet, run and pick up lunch or send some faxes....after 4 months of being nothing to no one (professionally), it sure feels nice to be needed again.