Wednesday, November 07, 2001

I'm sure as a grown man I should be slightly embarrassed by this, but the Buffy Musical just ROCKED. Of course, it meant I had to tape the Simpsons and then race down stairs to catch the beginning of 24. Damn, I am my own growing sense of being uncool...time was I would have been at a bar shooting pool yucking it up - but now I'm a tv freak. oh well.
D'Backs parade is today. I really wanted to go, but people started showing up at 9pm last night to get in the stadium, and by 7am this morning the streets were filling up - 100's of thousands are expected. I am my own sense of fearing large, overly excitable crowds of people.

PS - I got the job (not the big deal one, but the one that at least will pay some of my bills til I get back to my career)