Friday, November 09, 2001

  • Choire gets how many hits a week???? It's the web cams!!!! Now we know how cute he and Philo are. I think the boyfriend would be a little concerned if I got a web cam.
  • I do not feel pretty when I'm hung over, but damn I just love to be bought drinks!
  • There seems to be some prerequisite that Arizona morning newscasters must be "blond", "perky" and "vanilla"
  • Thanks to Durran for the link!
  • I'm quite certain - though they are kinda cute - that our roommates cats are stalking me.
  • Actually you two, I thought the new NOLA living arrangements were more like this.
  • uh dear, sweet 8LDJ, did you have any say in this?
  • No more cookies and candy. I have to start doing cardio again soon....sigh.
  • Hmmmm, the thought of chasing you around with a plastic speedtrack piece - threatening to smack your ass......nope not laughing, yep, oh yes, much different type of smile on my face.
  • Am I a super model or what?
  • Favorite recent search phrase that pulled up my site: "Old Homo's".....'nuf said.