Thursday, June 21, 2001

I look so clean cut and honest
I've been thinking about my comment about not being 21 anymore (in yesterdays blog) and started looking back through the old photo's - here's me at 20, the pic looks like it was taken in 1953 or something doesn't it?

I'll be 32 this year. Wow. How did that happen? I can tell ya - I don't think I'm but a faint whisper of the kid in this photo - of course looking at how skinny I was back then maybe that was all I was, was a faint whisper. I have another bad-ass one of me in a leather jacket (21) that will dismiss how wholesome this picture makes me look, of course it explains thoroughly why my favorite book at the time was "The Best Little Boy in the World" by Andrew Tobias. Of course getting in to my need to always be the perfect son, boyfriend, friend, employee, etc. is a shrink lesson for another time ;)