Sunday, June 17, 2001

Once again I have been innocently lead in to the treacherous entrapments of yet another dreadful Horror movie. Where -oh where, did I begin this fascination with Horror movies ? I mean I remember tearing through my chores as quickly as possible as a young 8 year-old boy in Upper Darby, PA. - wanting nothing more to flick on my very own 13" B&W Panasonic television set, pull close to the TV, while devouring a PBJ&P (I'm afraid that extra 'P' stood for pickles) and watch Saturday's "Creature Double Feature" (Jonno - can I use the apostrophe there - it seems that Saturday can show possession of the time slot of a show, n'est pas ?). Now though - I find myself intrigued by just about any slasher/horror/blood-letting horror movie that comes my way (DISCLAIMER: I am not a mainstream movie guy, I'm a freak for art house and my favorite all time movies include "Six Degrees of Seperation", "The Mission", "Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels", "Shallow Grave" & "Blood Simple" - so this horror thing is more akin to a fetish) and this time do you know what lured me in ??

An Australian Slasher film with two noteworthy names in the title: Kylie Minogue and Molly Ringwold, what was a Horror movie loving queer to do ??? I. Was. Helpless.


It's been fifteen years since the director of the ill-fated horror flick HOT BLOODED was mysteriously and brutally murdered. Since then, the film has remained unfinished and sealed away. However, a young group of aspiring filmmakers and horror enthusiasts have seized the opportunity to complete the legendary film, and begin to film once again on location. But there was a reason the movie was never finished, and as students begin to disappear, the filmmakers begin to discover why.

I think I have officially established that not all my weekends are circuit parties, and for that fact, even the least bit exciting.
Alrighty I would love to write more but I just heard about a great sci-fi flick starring Richard Greico, Corey Feldman & Kajagoogoo.