Monday, June 18, 2001

Bloggus Interruptus

A little doped on wine and a little sentimental after watching Queer as Folk - it had to be the wine but I was actually stirred emotionally by last night's episode (as opposed to that "I'm now embarrassed to be gay" episode from last week) - I wrote a sensational blog last night called 'A Love Story'. I laid out in embarrassing-gushy-heartfelt detail one of my utmost favorite stories of all time, "How I met my Boy". I like to get drunk and tell this one at bars and embarrass my boy (Lucky).

"Wow" you say that sounds like a real page turner, kinda like "Where the Red Fern Grows" but not set in 1930's Oklahoma, there is no "Coon Hunting" (though I love a 50% off sale at Kenneth Cole) and instead of a boy and his two hunting dogs, it's just two cute homo's having mind-blowing sex and falling head over heels in love.

Well what do they teach you your entire life in school - "Save, Save often". I hadn't even temporarily posted my epic when I moved my laptop from "my lap" and went to shut the window (it was raining) and pulled the cable out of the PCMCIA modem. Shit. AOL shuts down and when I come back to my Blogger the insidious had occurred - a masterpiece was lost!

Oh well - I'm gonna sulk about this for a day or two and then when you least expect it - BAM!!! Right across the kisser.

I have to share this because it made my weekend. Queerscribe, a brillant writer, intellectual and a sweetheart in an email commented on my writing style: "...I love your self-reflexive long-windedness, your humor". I immediately called my boyfriend and asked what he thought to have him respond "Finally (pause), someone understands you".