Wednesday, June 20, 2001


It was a shitty, shitty day my friends - a cornocupia of stess and concern - shout outs go to my boyfriend, the love of my life - who helped me weather the storm, who made me feel loved even when I felt like losing it - thank you, everything I have ever done good to another human being, every unselfish minute, every kind word - has been refunded to me ten-fold in your presence in my life (if you think I typed to the end of that sentence without my eyes welling up tears, then well you don't know me half as well as I think you do - you make me feel lucky, Lucky)....anyway...I went to Depeche Mode tonight - shit, did I feel like the reminder that I'm not a 21 year old twinkie with a 28 inch waist anymore - no, not really. But I can tell you DM isn't the same anymore - now the are just some guys trying to pay for retirement - 2 encores and no "Somebody" - fuck that shit - I was robbed.