Tuesday, June 19, 2001

OK - Mermaniac is begging door-to-door, blog-to-blog for money, dinero, lettuce, cold cash (I suspect a pyramid scheme involving Charlene Tilton from 'Dallas' fame, but gosh darn'it he's so damn suave!)...the following may or may not be things that Bill promised me in a letter for my support:

  • to remove the word "because" from the English language (I have my reasons for endorsing this)
  • to reenact Shelly Winter's death scene in the 1972 classic 'Poseidon Adventure' - naked, online and hungry.
  • to be the next spokesmodel for 'No Excuses' Jeans.
  • to make the whole world smile (kinda like a Coca-Cola beverage).

If Bill pretends that he had nothing to do with this list - he's being humble. Give the guy a hug.