Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Wow - feel at a loss, haven't blogged in days. Crazy weekend in Chicago for IML (International Male Leather), I have to admit there is truth in the phrase "too much of a good thing" - I could really do without seeing a harness or chaps or any leather for awhile. Some of the nicest people around though - very friendly crowd (ok - it could have been E-induced friendliness, but really we were "all" so damn cheerful!)
And the men were truly very, very hot....but never did run into this one
Got my picture snapped for the Chicago Free Press - is fame really just a few steps away ? :)

I wore my Blogger t-shirt to gym - fit pretty snug - looked good but ripped at the collar when I pulled it off - woah is cheap merchandise!

Now I'm leaving for Orlando for GayDay with my boy and of course Mickey - I really can't wait to crash and have a low key weekend everything is kinda crazy right now.

Glad my blog is back. Stories to tell, beans to spill, but really I gotta get to work.