Thursday, May 31, 2001

chowing down on Panda Express and listening to Cafe Del Mar Vol. 7 - work, well, been there done that - Interactive Business Plan - DONE!...Partners thrilled (INSERT HERE: some grunting, some scratching and then a loud slam dunk performed by the venerable Shaq - well not revered for acting or rapping.

Just had a very fun lunch adventure down town with my girl (let's call her) L-Train...kinda concerned - we were scamming guys and I pointed out a very handsome daddy who combined ruggedness, class, sexuality and intelligent (oh be still my fragile heart) and she cooed with agreement and then said, "You're like having a sister" - uh-oh.

I mean I know she meant well, but hey can't I be "like a hot brother who likes good-looking men"?

Oh well - I'll roll with it.

Pressure and stress is befalling my vacation before I have even left - Cal Ripken is stuck in Detroit - Cal was supposed to fly out of O'Hare with me, so now I get to drive down to Chicago (but first swing by his house and get his bags and the event tickets) and fly to Orlando tonight by myself. My Boy doesn't get in til 7am tomorrow (poor guy is taking a really shitty red-eye) - so thus I am alone in Orlando tonight.

So hey if you see a cute little sparkplug of a guy in a light blue v-neck, short brown/red hair and goatee, wandering the streets of Orlando aimlessly - don't be afraid to give him a hug - he's gonna be feeling pretty lonely.