Tuesday, May 29, 2001

do you ever get a little lost when reading other peoples Blogs?

I mean working on a project (in my case a interactive business plan and timeline for a client) and suddenly thinking - oh crap I haven't gotten my daily fill of Everlasting Blogstalker, Jonno, or Jockohomo.
You tootle (is that really a word?) over to their Blogs and just kinda get lost. You read, you think, you feel this affinities to people you wouldn't even recognize on the street - they make you feel, dare, dream, sing, speak - whatever your outlet...and suddenly your looking at the clock and your unfinished business plan and your like crap - where did I go for the past hour (INSERT HERE: overwhelming sense of Irish Protestant Work Ethic Guilt).

For some reason I can't get myself to blog at home, I hate doing this on my laptop, the 56k connection is a drag on my patience, I'm never home, I'm at the gym, I'm abusing myself (yeah - I mean what ya think).

Hmmmm maybe my blog has become my frustrated professional release from my job - and maybe more so reading everyone else's blogs has become my escape from my day-to-day life in Milwaukee.

Ok - now I really should be getting back to work.