Wednesday, May 30, 2001

ok - I was a posting fiend yesterday (Black Tuesday), so it's Wednesday and I'm in meetings all day (must work, want to Blog, must work, want to Blog)....

A little stressed - have to pack for Orlando , work out, hit a work softball game and so much more before I fly out of O'Hare tomorrow - (INSERT HERE: Hanging with my BOY *sigh, gulp, lust, love* and he's meeting my favorite buddy in Chi-Town - let's name him Cal Ripken - daddy, daddy, daddy...PRAYER: please make friends you are both too important to me to fight)

Hey am I the only one whose noticed touring the world of Blogs that Jonno has become like a blog "heartthrob" ?? (INSERT HERE: Manly Swoon followed by mention that ssssTurtle is a hottie to boot)

Blogstalker - I eagerly await the inventory of the contents of your refrigerator ;)