Wednesday, May 23, 2001

I feel so empty, so sad....I am without my blog. Oh well I'm trying to get my new web site setup on a Virtual Host and then in the meanwhile I am tinkering with a Non-Virtual Host for a place to store images to use on this site - right now I'm not sure if that works or not because the IMG SRC tag doesn't seem to be sourcing the images I've added to my template unless I'm on looking at it on my machine (which leads me to believe that they are just cached on my's hard to try to be your own webmaster when your horsing around during your spare time at work.

UGH - I ate Krispy Kreme today - that has to merit at least 3 extra sets of stomach at the gym tonight.

This town is grey and dreary again - man, I want to be back in the Arizona sunshine with my boy.