Tuesday, May 22, 2001

OK - I'm happy to say I was a hit with Mom and Sis...have I sealed the deal as the perfect son-in-law - nah, doubt it - guess I feel like I'll always be walking on egg shells (I mean do they even comprehend what I do to their son behind closed doors??), I imagine that his mom thinks that we sleep in seperate beds ala Ricki and Lucy.

The sister still doesn't know the purpose of meeting me - she thinks I'm his buddy. The best part though was when she told her mother that she suspected that my boyfriend's roomate was 'gay', when the mother inquired about me - she said "Oh God no - there's no way that he's gay".

Hmmmm - if she only realized I went shopping hours before to have the 'just right' look for the perfect S.I.L. (in this case - worn Big Star Jeans, a plain A&F shirt and Red-Striped Adidas Sneaks...I looked like I had just gotten done with my paper route).

Do straight guys freak out this much when they meet their girlfriends parents ?