Monday, July 15, 2002

What a strange weekend. Felt like I had to pull out my "No Drama" defense spray a couple of times. This being single crap is like walking in mud - no matter how hard you try not to track it in to your house it's hard not to. What's the secret to making guys understand that "I'm not looking to date anyone right now" is not a covert phrase for "Meet me at the marriage alter". I don't like to hurt people and try especially hard to be considerate of others who are flattering enough to deem me "groovy", but shit if I don't seem to fuck it up anyway.

The strange and delightful high points of the weekend came the multiple times I got to hang out with the Rickers and the Swish. The best being an impromptu dinner of Pizza by candlelight at my humble abode after some pretty vicious monsoons (Chris tried to warn you Jeff) ripped through the valley and left many of us without power, flooded roads, downed trees, power lines and upwards of 100 cars at the airport smashed by "rolling" garbage dumpsters. Personally I think I did a pretty good jump driving in "zero" visibility - admit it - you were a little nervous eh? Other highlights were: a fairly scandalous trip to see male strippers - uh mum's the word on that sojourn guys, ok? Beer Bust at NuTowne. Gay Country Western Line Dancing at Charlies (we just watched - but Jeff was dying to get out there) and breakfast at the Good Egg (this was after these two tag teamed my virgin ass for what seemed like an eternity - kinda like watching 'Star Wars - Attack of the Clones')

PS - The tattoo went over very, very well...healing really nicely - and yes my very sexy inquirers - I'm staying out of the sun and already am planning on making this one bigger.