Thursday, July 18, 2002

LEO Horoscope from Free Will Astrology:

I hope you say more goodbyes in the next week than you have in the previous 11 months combined. It's past time, sweet prince or princess, to bid adieu to all the things that no longer serve you -- and even to some things that do serve you but demand too high a price in return. So please say au revoir to your obsolete game plans and adios to your outmoded assumptions. Bark sayonara at your rickety psychological crutches and auf Wiedersehen*at the symbol that reminds you of your deepest resentment. Whisper begone, nuisance at all illusions that divide you against yourself.

Somehow it's there everywhere around me lately...choices, attitude, thoughts, actions, dreams, fears, friends, enemies, I don't think I've turned out to be who I was meant to be - somewhere along a jagged, winding path over many hills (some beautiful, some ugly) - I've ended up this person that I love, but in that way you love the misfit in a drama or very black comedy who means so well but never seems to get it right - who charges in guns blazing, off of misinformation or a desire to be the hero. If I were to be a King - my kingdom would be "The Island of Misfit Toys".

I have a good life, I am lucky - everyone has heartache and grief - but now how do I change ?

how do I make sure I grow ?

How do I weed out some of the darker and damaging forces I've allowed to take root in my life ?