Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ok - back from La-La-Land.

I may have done one or ALL of the things from the following list:

  • Drank a wee too much
  • Drank way, way too fucking much
  • Had a five fucking hour delay on the outbound flight
  • Had sex with a complete stranger while he was at work with people passing by on a busy street
  • Fucked with a guys head
  • Run into my ex-roomate from college who I haven't laid eyes on in 8 years
  • Spent a LOT of friggin money at Dolce&Gabanna, Fred Segal, Traffic and the vintage t-shirt mart (though I feel fucking hot in my vintage black Sex Pistols tshirt)
  • Realized that ALMOST 90% of the hot waiters at gay bars in LA are straight - which some how really, REALLY offends me.
  • Went to Abbey, O-Bar, HERE and a couple really, friggin scuzzy bars
  • Been asked (opening hit-on line) "So what makes you interesting?" - I'll have to get into my answer later.
  • Been interviewed in a man-on-the-street interview for some documentary - where I hopefully looked smart and not fat.
  • Spent alot of really good time with two of my closet friends in the world and then managed to cap of the weekend - by being an-uber dick to one of them (make mental note: the doctors gave you those little pills to take for a reason)