Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Music is my mistress, holding me through bad times, getting me hard when I'm fucking, and rocking my hips to the dance floor when I need to create some sweat, here's a list from my recent shopping excursion to BORDERS (yeah - an Oooooh so hip music store, welcome to my thirties!)

  • Grandaddy - SUMDAY: Awesome, Reflective and Fun.

  • KD Lang - Live By Request: Well I am a dyke at heart.

  • Julie Roberts - Debut Album: Country is meant for the broken-hearted...nuf' said

  • Echo and the Bunneymen - Songs to Learn and Sing: If you know it, there's no need to explain it

  • Indigo Girls - All That We Let In: See KD Lang comments, see Country Music comments

  • Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions: Like I said, we all need something to fuck to

  • Buzzin' Fly (Ben Watt) - Volume One: Too sublime to be hip, to hip to be average

  • Hoobastank - The Reason: This album either makes me cool with kids or means I'm a dirty 34 year old who likes (gasp!) BOY BANDS

  • Modest Mouse - Good New For People Who Love Bad News: Just makes me dance around and laugh - naked of course!

  • This Mortal Coil - This Mortal Coil: Homage to the days I smoked cloves, read Camus, sported a mohawk and wrote poetry