Monday, July 14, 2003

.... all is well. HERO and I had a really good conversation on Friday afternoon - where instead of silence or holding back - I really explained how embarrassing the situation had been for me and how afterwards I lashed out merely out of personal insecurity and a need to regain some measure of control. When he looks in my eyes and speaks to me - I can see nestled among the crisp, ice blue flares that encircle his eyes - his love for me (a word that hasn't been used between us since that night).

It was unusual for me to communicate so freely outside of this blog, but I approached it with the same humor and humility that I approached that entry.

I'm falling very hard for this young man.

Thanks to all, for some very insightful and humourous responses.

BTW - if you haven't seen SPELLBOUND, the Academy-Award Nominated Documentary on the 1999 Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee and the path it took eight of it's adolescent contestants from varying social and economic backgrounds to get there....PLEASE do. It will do more for your sense of human spirit then watching 'Legally Blonde Two" could ever do.