Monday, July 21, 2003

Ok - I've been quiet this past week, which as always means somethings up.

HERO kinda pulled a stunt last week that I've tried to move past - but in all I think made me realize though he's a wonderful, wonderful guy - he's got so much to learn about being in a relationship and I'm not sure I really feel like being his testing ground. Now I might have forgotten to mention another hitch to this story - um, see HERO really didn't have any place in Phoenix to stay during his summer break from college so I've been letting him live with me. Ok - not my smartest decision - I swear at the time it seemed like a really kind gesture and I figured he would be really busy with other things so it wouldn't feel like he was in my hair. Um, I was wrong. He's in my hair, my sink, my closets, my bathroom, my shoes, my bed - he's, uh - everywhere, every minute of every day. He means well, he really does - but I like living alone and though I adore him - he just seems like a lil 21 year old Tornado in my house. Anyway - I offered to let him stay the summer and I'm gonna live up to my word - he's done some stupid stuff that has made me realize this doesn't really have a future - but he's done nothing to deserve not being treated well and with respect.

...and well there's been some other interesting developments as well, but I'll save those for another time.