Monday, September 02, 2002

Another List of Implications, Contradictions and Inspirations:

  • My dog is soooo frigging fantastic it hurts.
  • I can't believe someone who called me had the balls to call me after me explaining to them for an hour why they need professional counseling and then find out this morning they've been spending quite a bit of time chasing after my ex as well.
  • Gay men are bitches in heat and horny dogs looking for the next leg - at the exact same time
  • I survived the bathing suit experiences and felt pretty good about myself doing it - but somehow managed to shift the neurosis to my growing bald spot instead.
  • I am hornier then shit - jacking off 5 times a day - and managed to turn down each prospect I had at easy sex this weekend. I guess I really need to decide which side of the street I want to drive on.
  • I started reading again - but embarrased to say I had to start with a collection of short stories since my attention span is shorter than my sideburns.
  • From the reactions of people to seeing me in person at two different parties this weekend - I guess I successfully have become one helluva hermit.
  • I'm not sure I know how to let go of the people I love.
  • I only have one ex-boyfriend who hates me - and he hates me with such a deep-seated loathing - that it can be felt from across the bar, even when I'm still standing in the parking lot. I feel sorry for him that after 10 years he still can't let that hate go.
  • I ran into someone I dated 3 years ago and really enjoyed talking to him - so much so I think I had a raging boner for the next couple of hours while seeing the movie "1 Hour Photo" - do you know how disturbing it is to think someone might see you with a hard-on at a movie like that ?
  • No matter how many list snippets I do - I just can't get myself to sit down and do the 100 list one.