Tuesday, August 27, 2002

A One Act Play Performed by Heart and Soul

Time - The present.
Place - A single room painted white, each wall with one door and two windows, sunlight frames each window - a light breeze tickling the curtains.

Heart (Kind, gentle, wearing traces of age and a seeming knowledge of loves lost and won) and Soul (Worldy, much older than Heart, somehow troubled and peaceful at the same instant - the more attractive of the two)

Heart: Soul - what is that you hold in your hand ?

Soul: Oh look - do you like it it's a leaf ?

Heart: A leaf, but it's so shiny and perfect - where ever did you find it?

Soul: It's so strange - it's been with me all this time, I can't believe I overlooked it.

Heart: Well it does look new.

Soul: Here take a closer look. (Soul hands Heart the leaf, Heart playfully flips it over)

Heart: WOW! Look Soul...look. It's completely different on this side - there are brillant colors and amazing patterns - I like it even more.

Soul: (smiling) I thought you would.

The curtain closes as the two continue to fuss over all the new things that they will discover.