Wednesday, August 28, 2002

In Heavy Rotation: Gym, Car, Shower, Whenever....

  • Coldplay - Rush of Blood to the Head. My Take: Frigging amazing from start to finish, I loved their first album months before it gained any popular, I hope I have the same private time to worship this album before airplay ruins it.

  • Aimee Mann - Lost In Space . My Take: One can never be disappointed with Ms. Mann (actually Mrs Micheal Penn) - the standouts are Moth and It's Not (I wil listen to "It's Not", again and again and again)

  • Duncan Sheik - Daylight. My Take: Lil fucker looks so cute in the hot, urban, artsy nerd way - I know I would tear him up. Mark my words the happy-go-lucky-stomp-on-your-blues-and-let-go-of-your-pain-and-sing-along-with-this-catchy-tune: "On A High", will bring this guy back on the charts with jet propolsion. I won't force the lyrics down your throat - but they are my new mantra.