Monday, August 26, 2002

...and so it begins
of no Consequence:

  • I make mistakes, daily. emotionally. physically.
  • I'm not as good a friend as I used to be - too many - but I am still wonderful to a smaller few.
  • I've finally realized that the smaller few - have never left me - despite the previous two points.
  • I have no idea how to be a Best Man, throw a Bachelor Party and I suck at golf - can I just get points for showing up?
  • I am finally able to admit that learning to give great head at 12 - may have done a little self esteem damage to me at 33.
  • I have forsaken the gym for the past 16 days - I WILL go back tomorrow. I really am a better and happier person for going.
  • I want to honestly laugh and fell happy - things have been so damn depressing lately - I'm changing theme parks and looking for one in PEPPERMINT.
  • One of the seven signs of the Apocolypse is YOU getting a job.
  • I'm going to start saying a lot of goodbyes.
  • I love X & K & G and many other misused letters of the alphabet - but they just aren't making me a better person - so I'm gonna try and make them less a part of my life.
  • I need to stop spending every single penny I have in my checking account - right after I buy the new Aimee Mann CD (it's on SALE at Virgin starting tomorrow!)
  • I'm just like Sprite - "Don't believe the Hype"
  • I'm all cried out.
  • I forsee a lot less circuit parties and tea dances in my future
  • I would love to be part of a reading club or a dinner party group.
  • I love to giggle under the covers with my dog in the middle of the night.
  • Random is better, often more strange and always less committal.
  • I will attempt to grow at least one new friendship this week.
  • I'm already bored - and you soooooo skipped ahead - so I'm stopping now.