Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Milwaukee comes up with the most fabulous shades of grey (kidding). Hitting Phoenix this weekend to see my boy - meet the family. Not sure how to come off - I mean is the perfect son-in-law: confident and serious, humorous and warm, strong and masculine or quiet and reserved ?

I guess I can be all of theses things if needed but it would be fun to just kick back a beer and tell a campy joke and just laugh with them. My boy would KILL me - he made me promise to tell them I was a Christian if they asked (I am believer only in faith - it's a good thing, it recognizes that there must be something going on on a grander scale just doesn't tie itself down with all the rhetoric and story telling and guilt). Should be fun (INSERT HERE: grain of salt).

Huge party in Phoenix on Saturday with DJ Abel spinning - will be fun to get my groove on with my boy in the sun.