Thursday, May 17, 2001

I gotta admit - I think I'm gonna make Jonno my new ideal - it's a nice start to my day-to-day life in advertising to see his take on life.

Alrighty 24 hours and counting and I'll be back home in AZ with my boy (INSERT HERE: Yahoo scream). His Mom is in town from Jersey (JUR-ZEEE) and this will be the second time I've met her. I have more then a little trepidation since his father (a big wig back east) recently commented that my boy's homosexuality wasn't upsetting to him as long as he lived it 3,000 miles away (yep, these are my new in-laws: I think I'm playing the role of Dharma - but butcher - and he Greg - but definately hotter!).

It's not that I can't appreciate the situation, but I waged the struggle of my sexuality at such a young age (sex with boys @ 12, first boyfriend @ 14, came out @ 16) not because I had to, or didn't fit in, but just because I wanted to be exactly who I was - no pretending. My boy didn't take this route and though we are both at the same age (31), the paths have been completely different. My sexuality is in the world of non-issues now (kinda like Tina Yothers career - ok, but ya gottta admit she's alot cuter now).

Is it terrible for me to think - just once can I have a boyfriends parents not shrink into the corner when I walk in the room? For once in my life could the guy with the BLBITW (Best Little Boy In The World ) complex get to be the Best Little Son-in-Law in the World ?

I know if the answer was giving up Lucky (my nickname for him - since it's the way he makes me feel) - the answer would be a resounding "no". Ofta! Well wish me luck - I probably won't post til I'm back. *grins*