Monday, May 14, 2001

"Lay down with dogs and wake up with fleas"....who the hell uttered that phrase anyway.

OK - I'm in bed with y'all now.

Truly it was only a matter of time, creeping, sneaking, hiding around deliciously devouring the blogs of Jonno and Jocko and TinMan. Feels so weird to work my way around inside the workings of anothers mind. I hit the blogs of the regular community (INSERT HERE: image of happy or distressed heterosexual ), but lets face it, interests are interests - and mine would be men (I wanted to say boys - but would be worried of anyone confusing my use of that word for any male underdeveloped, underdefined, undertheirparentsroof and under 21).

Not sure what to blog, why to blog, how to blog - so I will go the stream of conscious route, if you come across me let me know your there.

I'll throw away this template and put up my own site for this, but for now I would basically be handed out a resume and a calling card to you if I linked this up with my personal site.

I'll come up with some pics, it'll probably sell better tickets if you think I'm cute - I guess I am - but sure like hearing "woof" alot more.

My Stats

  • NAME: not telling (it's gonna keep me a hell of a lot more honest if I keep that between me and my dog)
  • LOOKS: Good looking (in a guy way - does that make any sense?), muscular, cheshire cat grin - definately not pretty boy band material.
    Hair - Brown/Red
    Facial Hair - Goatee (well kinda, I chopped the mustache)

    Eyes - Brown, Green if ya piss me off
    Height - 5'8" (I'm willing to debate if that means short or average)
    Weight - 155lbs (8% body fat and now that I'm 31- fighting to keep it that way)
  • JOB: I have a pretty good job in Advertising, but it lead me to Milwaukee, Wisconsin - if fat, pale, Lutherans devouring Brats during a Packers game turn ya on - don't deny yourself a visit.
  • EDUCATION: I graduated with my BS in Marketing from ASU, gotta admit college was one of the greatest times of my life.
  • MARITAL STATUS: I'm 2,000 miles from the man I love: my best friend, my soul mate, my conspirator, my buddy. He's a beautiful man inside and out. woof! We're going on 1 year and nine months (nine of them seperate). True love or a damn good facsimile there of has kept us together (INSERT HERE : I'm lucky)
  • BELIEFS: I think once I start posting you'll be able to figure it out - up front: being a great friend never fails to have pay-off, I treat my friends with the care, love, protection, concern and adoration I would intend to treat my first child and I have seen in some of life's roughest moments I was smart to do so.
  • INTERESTS: Ok - I'll tackle this quick:
    Movies - Gotta be indie or foreign, love Almodovar
    Music - Dance, Electronica, though my heart belongs to EBTG long, long before they had to become popular as an acronym (I stood 4 feet from Ben Watt last Sunday at a Lazy Dog show and didnt have the guts to walk up an say I owned every CD ever involving he and Tracy - including the Cherry Hill - "Pillows & Prayers" singles releases". Embarrassed freak - party of one)
    Food - Thai and Italian are weaknesses.
    Athletics - Dad sure was, Brother sure is, I just always ended up looking retarded - perhaps there is some psyche here to why I ended up the gym bunny and in far party shape then either. I do love being a spectator to the NFL though - no not the Packers, but the Vikings.

    Sex Love it, and have no masculine hangups about playing "pitcher" or "catcher".
  • PARTYING: I'm not a straight out Circuit Boy, but hey like I said before "interests are interests", for those who go I'm really looking forward to GayDay in Disneyworld - it will be amazing. Pumpkinhead and Fireball in Chicago were the best (thank god for the quick 1.5 hour drive)
  • SMOKING: hey light up if you need to - but damn I hate that funk smell on my clothes when I get home from a club, if I want to feel dirty I'll do something naughty instead.

    Alright I'm done for now. Hope to blog with you again real soon.